Rutland Area Prevention Coalition (RAP) - Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment


Our Vision:  Together in Rutland County, we make healthy choices.


Our Mission:  We are a community coalition serving communities in Rutland County.  Our mission is to educate, advocate, and collaborate in the prevention of substance abuse for heatlhy Rutland communities.


Our History:  The Rutland Area Prevention Coalition has been serving

Rutland County since 1997. 


What we do:  


  • Facilitate alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse education activities including but not limited to: health fairs, school presentations, community events, parent education, community meetings, focus forums, and more; 

  • Distribute alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse related materials throughout the community and offer resource loans to interested schools and organizations;

  • Encourage municipal / systems change through education about the benefits of policies related to decreased access to and availability of substances;

  • Encourage and educate about positive social behaviors, beliefs, modeling, and messaging.


Contact information

Rutland Area Prevention Coalition (RAP)
45 Union Street, Suite 1 Rutland, VT 05701
Phone: (802) 775-4199
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