Green Mountain Foster Grandparent Program - Elderly Services


The Foster Grandparent Program, founded nationally in 1965, is a program that provides opportunities for volunteers to work with one of our most valuable resources – today’s youth. By serving in settings that range from classrooms to day care centers to recreation department programs to libraries, Volunteer Grandparents lend their time, skill, and life experiences to assist our children in reaching their potential – academically, behaviorally, developmentally. By interacting on a regular basis with our youth, Foster Grandparents provide the mentoring and role modeling that so many of today’s children lack in their lives. The heart of the program is the one-on-one daily attention that Foster Grandparents provide. This special care helps young people grow, gain confidence, learn, and become full and productive members of society. The benefits to individuals and communities are both immediate and lasting.


Contact information

Green Mountain Foster Grandparent Program
6 Court Street, Rutland, VT 05701
Phone: (802) 773-4719